2003-04 Executive Board and Council

LAA 2003-2004 Executive Council2003-04 Executive Board and Council 

Executive Council Officers


President: Yash V. Dalal

1st Vice President: Michael Dimond

2nd Vice President: Jason Goldstein

Treasurer: Jeff Isaacs

Secretary: Mark Weller

Federation Rep. 2001-04: Michele Ostrowski

Federation Rep. 2003-06: William Bauer

Alternate Fed. Rep.: Robert Uhrik


  • Budget and Finance: Jeff Isaacs
  • Election and Nominations: Mike Dimond
  • Membership: Yash V. Dalal
  • Reunion and Class: Alexs Birdsall Griffiths
  • Programming and Events: Mike Dimond
  • Public Relations: Jason Goldstein
  • Young Alumni: Katie Perry

Additional Executive Council Members

    • William Bauer
    •  Michael L. Canavan
    •  Katie Perry
    •  Michael Beachem
    • Michele Ostrowski
    •  Marty Siederer
    •  Alexs Birdsall Griffiths
    •  Mario Pedro
    • Robert Uhrik

Sourced from Livingston Alumni News, Winter/Spring 2004 (page 7).

Revised May 8, 2017