2006-07 Executive Board and Council

2006-07 Executive Board and Council

President: Marty Siederer                         
1st Vice President: Jason Goldstein                        
2nd Vice President: Michael Beachem                   
Treasurer: Jeff Isaacs                    
Secretary: Harsh Dutia                  

LAA Executive Council:                   

Carla Alexander                                 
Lynn Astorga                       
William Bauer                     
Rob Bertrand                      
Joseph Capo                       
Yash Dalal                             
Jason Goldstein                                 
Jeff Isaacs                            
Ava Johnson                       
Karen Kanu                          
Stephanie Ledgin-Toskos                              
Iris Martinez-Campbell                   
Walter O'Brien                   
Tiffany Ross                         
Robert Uhrik                       
Lilliana Vendra                    
Philip Wang                         

Federation Rep. 2006-09: William Bauer                
Federation Rep. 2004-07: Robert Uhrik                 
Alternate Fed. Rep.: Ava Johnson                           

2006-2007 Standing Committees

Budget and Finance: Jeff Isaacs
Election and Nominations: Carla Alexander and Lynn Astorga, Co-Chairs
Membership: Yash Dalal
Reunion and Class: Karen Kanu
Programming and Events: William Bauer
Public Relations: Jason Goldstein
Young Alumni: Tiffany Ross

(Sourced from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Updated February 7, 2015.)