Volunteer your time and join one of the following committees.

Programming and Events Committee
Do you like to plan trips to theater and basketball games, set-up homecoming festivities and plan award dinners? This committee organizes all LAA programs and events for the benefit of our members (excluding Reunion and Young Alumni events).

Public Relations Committee
If you love the world of advertising, publicity and marketing communication, this is the committee to join. The Public Relations committee is responsible for the creation, editing, and publication of all alumni periodicals and flyers including our newsletter and web site.

Reunion and Class Committee
The Reunion and Class Committee plans and promotes the annual class reunions each May. They work closely with the each class to make sure they have a successful five or ten year reunion.

Young Alumni Committee
Are you a recent grad? Do you want to help with commencement, the senior class or networking of students from the last ten years?
The Young Alumni Committee is focused on the concerns and special programming needs of our newest alumni.
Budget and Finance Committee
Are you a numbers kind of person? The Budget and Finance Committee handles all of our money affairs. Members of this committee construct the Association's annual budget, and completes the annual audit.
There is a sub committee of the Budget and Finance committee titled the investment sub committee and its' function is the management and investment of the Association's funds.
Membership Committee
Want to help strengthen our numbers? The Membership Committee finds innovative ways to encourage and expand the ranks of active members of the LAA. If retention and recruitment are your thing, help us achieve new membership goals.

Elections and Nominations Committee.
This committee handles the elections of executive council position as well as internal and external collegiate and university awards.

Executive Committee
The executive committee is made up of the President, the 1st Vice President, the 2nd Vice President, the Treasurer and the Secretary. All of these positions are voted on annually each May.

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