LAA's Jeffrey Isaacs Named as Loyal Son of Rutgers, Recognizing More Than 25 Years of Service to University

Jeffrey IsaacsJeffrey M. Isaacs, the current Treasurer and former President of the Livingston Alumni Association (LAA), was honored April 9, 2016, as one of eight Loyal Sons and Loyal Daughters of Rutgers for 2016. Jeff is a 1984 graduate of Livingston College at Rutgers University.

Jeff's wealth of experience has been Rutgers' benefit from his first days of involvement in the late 1980s. For more than 25 years he has been a steadfast volunteer as a board officer for the LAA, Rutgers University Alumni Federation (RUAF) and a trustee on the Rutgers Board of Trustees.

He also has partnered and volunteered for various Rutgers Alumni Association (RAA) programs and events. Jeff has donated his skills as a business leader and financial strategist to his fellow alumni. Jeff registered the LAA as one of the first Rutgers independent 501(c)3 not for profit corporations and ran workshops for the Rutgers University Alumni Federation to assist many of the legacy charter groups in their formations.

His work as the Rutgers University Alumni Federation's Treasurer was instrumental in building a revenue sharing formula that was endorsed by the RAA and benefited all college charter groups.

Jeff served as the LAA's President from 1991 to 2001. He was the catalyst to reinventing and reviving the LAA in the early 1990s and has served as the organization's President or Treasurer for almost a quarter of a century.

In 2002 he received the Rutgers Alumni Meritorious Service Award to recognize his work in revitalizing the LAA.

Jeffrey Isaacs and Brenda IsaacsThe Loyal Sons and Loyal Daughters of Rutgers are individuals who have made a meaningful and long-standing commitment to the betterment of Rutgers, the State University by exemplifying extraordinary alumni service or by making a significant impact on University life and culture.  Nominations are made by existing Loyal Sons and Daughters, and the finalists named by a special selection committee of the RAA. The RAA is the nation's fourth-oldest alumni association, serving alumni in multiple colleges and schools on Rutgers' New Brunswick/Piscataway. Bios for all of the 2016 honorees are online

Photos: (Above) Jeff Isaacs, 1991; (Below) Jeff Isaacs and his wife, Brenda Isaacs, at a 2014 community service food bank event.

Revised April 10, 2016