Loyal Sons and Loyal Daughters

Jason Goldstein, Jeffrey Isaacs, Marty Siederer, Debra O'NealThe Loyal Sons and Loyal Daughters of Rutgers, honored by the Rutgers Alumni Association (RAA), are individuals who have made a meaningful and long-standing commitment to the betterment of Rutgers University by exemplifying extraordinary alumni service or by making a significant impact on University life and culture.

Nominations are made by existing Loyal Sons and Daughters, and the finalists named by a special selection committee. Founded in 1831, the RAA is the nation's fourth-oldest alumni association, serving 200,000 alumni at Rutgers' New Brunswick/Piscataway campus. 

The following Livingston College alumni have been named as Loyal Sons and Loyal Daughters:

  • Year unknown: William R. Fernekes, LC'74, GSED'85
  • Year unknown: Margaret S. Cox, LC'87, RBSG'00
  • Year unknown: Patrick Morris, LC'82
  • 2000: Brian Crockett, LC'82
  • 2009: Marty Siederer, LC'77
  • 2012: Iris Martinez-Campbell, LC'75, SSW'81
  • 2013: Michael Beachem, LC'73, GSED'78,'84
  • 2014: Jason E. Goldstein, LC'02, RBS'05
  • 2015: Debra A. Holston O'Neal, LC'87
  • 2016: Greg Brown, LC'82
  • 2016: Jeffrey M. Isaacs, LC'84
  • 2017: Eric Clark, LC'98
  • 2018: Jeffrey M. Armus, LC'77, School of Business'82
  • Pictured, from left: Loyal Sons Jason Goldstein, Jeffrey Isaacs and Marty Siederer, and Loyal Daughter Debra O'Neal, celebrate at the 2016 RAA Loyal Sons and Loyal Daughters dinner.

    Revised January 30, 2018