Academic Achievement Award

From 1986 to 2008 the Livingston College administration recognized students “for outstanding academic achievement by a graduating student of Livingston College – Rutgers University.” In 2009 and 2010 the Livingston College Dean’s Award honored the graduating student with the highest grade-point average of any student who had attended Livingston College for his or her complete four years.

The years in the list below link to the Livingston College yearbook page where each student is pictured.

1986: Migdalia Baerga
1986: Patrick J. Deneen *
1987: Victoria Chapman
1987: Liza M. Kirschenbaum
1988: Frank T. Skwar *
1989: Raymond N. Gonzales *
1990: Belinda C. Borrelli *
1991: Bianca G. Nebab
1992: Christos A. Christou *
1993: Allison Paige Marks *
1994: Garrett T. Caples *

1995: Irena N. Rakoczy *
1996: Michael Carlin Hora
1997: Silvia Oloveira Andrade
1998: David G. Gribben
1999: Matthew Lawrence Bell
2000: Richard A. Ferrara
2001: Joseph Paul Mersinger
2002: Julie Lynn Ciemnolonski
2003: Jaclyn A. Barnes
2003: Sarah M. Lilley *
2004: Stacy E. Blackwell †

2004: Christopher Giglio
2005: Nicole M. Lewis
2006: Jenna Sabatini
2007: Annie Agrawal
2007: Emily Perry † *
2007: Laura Louise Wootton †
2008: Christianne M. Cain *
2008: Dunxu Hu † *
2009: Michael D. Offin ^ *
2010: Kumaol Mengesha ^ *

† Outstanding Transfer Student, Academic Achievement Award / ^ Livingston College Dean’s Award / * Photo not available

Migdalia Baerga,
Victoria Chapman,
Liza M.
Kirschenbaum, LC’87
Bianca G. Nebab,
Michael Carlin Hora,
Migdalia Baerga Victoria Chapman Liza M. Kirschenbaum Bianca G. Nebab Michael Carlin Hora
Silvia Oloveira
Andrade, LC’97
David G. Gribben,
Matthew Lawrence
Bell, LC’99
Richard A. Ferrara,
Joseph Paul
Mersinger, LC’01
Silvia Oloveira Andrade David G. Gribben Matthew Lawrence Bell Richard A. Ferrara Joseph Paul Mersinger
Julie Lynn
Ciemnolonski, LC’02
Jaclyn A. Barnes,
Stacy E. Blackwell,
Christopher Giglio,
Nicole M. Lewis,
Julie Lynn Ciemnolonski Jaclyn A. Barnes Stacy E. Blackwell Christopher Giglio Nicole M. Lewis
Jenna Sabatini,
Annie Agrawal,
Laura Louise Wootton,
Jenna Sabatini Annie Agrawal Laura Louise Wootton