Alumni Memories

Do you have a memory of your time at Livingston: a favorite professor, dorm, event, club/organization? Email us at info AT  to share your memories!

[Also see Deans’ Reflections.]

  •  The New Academic Building (later named Lucy Stone Hall) on Rutgers' Kilmer campus (later named Livingston campus), circa 1973. A 1974 Graduate’s Memories of a Groundbreaking College on a Diverse Campus, by Marian Murray, LC’74
  • An Appreciation of Gardening and an Inspiration to Study Anatomy: Livingston College in the Early 1970s, by Lisa Matusow-Futterman, LC’73
  • ‘Education Is the Main Topic of Discussion’ in 1973; Graduates Have ‘Set the Pace’ for Classes to Come, by Noah Hart, Jr., LC’73
  • Joyful Memories of Livingston College from a 1972 Alumna, by Patricia Graham, LC’72
  • Livingston College, 1971: An ‘Incredibly Radical Outlook on City Living’, by William Ciaburri, LC’76
  • Livingston College of the 1980s: Social Awareness in a ‘Small School’ Setting, by Robert Breckinridge, LC’88
  • Livingston College in the Early 1970s: A Great Social Experiment, by Richard D. Apgar, LC’75
  • Livingston College’s Challenges at Age 21, by Eric Schwarz, LC’92, SCILS’92,’07
  • Livingston College’s First Alumni Association President Reveals His Inspirations — and the Holy Grail of LC Alumni History, by Leonard M. Klepner, LC’72
  • Long Live Livingston, by Rob Snyder, LC’77
  • Memories of the Barracks: A Refuge for Rutgers Journalists on Livingston Campus, by Glen Weisman, LC’86
  • Music, Risk, Three-Eyed Frogs and Other Experiments: Life in Livingston College’s House 15, Circa 1972-1975, by Joe Birish, LC’75
  • Towering Memories: Livingston College Students Move In to Dorms on North Side of Campus, by Steven T. Walker, LC‘86
  • Yours in Blackness: Livingston College’s Weusi Kuumba Dancers and Drummers, by William Bellinger, LC‘73

Top photo: The New Academic Building (later named Lucy Stone Hall) on Rutgers’ Kilmer campus (later named Livingston campus), circa 1973.