Parents Association Award

The Livingston College Parents Association honored 36 of the college’s students from 1976 to 2007. In most years, one student was honored, though in some years the association honored multiple students. No awards are listed for 1985 and 1986.

A plaque which formerly was showcased at the Livingston Student Center included the following text:

The Parents Association of Livingston College do [sic] hereby acknowledge the outstanding achievements of the following students whose efforts resulted in national recognition to Livingston College, Rutgers University.

Cy Rubin, President
Donated by Livingston College Parents Association
May 6, 1976

The honorees were:

1976: Paul Sellers, Basketball
1977: Martha N. Smith-Higginbotham, English
1977: John Alexander, Football
1977: Nate Toran, Football
1978: Deborah O’Donnell, Psychology
1979: James Bailey, Basketball
1979: Scott A. Pearce, Chinese Studies
1980: Elizabeth Thompson, Psychology
1980: Angel Melendez, Sociology
1981: Mark M. Karelson, Political Science
1981: Susan J. Kozel, Labor Studies
1982: Gita Sargrad, Psychology
1983: Barbara M. Hagin, Journalism
1984: Robert A. Stewart, Political Science
1987: Liza Kirschenbaum, English/Political Science
1988: Christopher B. Wilkinson, English
1989: Maritza D. Berdote, Political Science/English
1989: Mark B. Wilson, Journalism & Mass Media/History
1990: Paul F. Nyfenger, Marketing
1991: Julie Ann Traxler, English/Journalism
1992: Daniel Matthew Perez, Political Science/English
1993: Robert Louis Callahan, English
1994: Jonathan F. Weiss, Political Science/Journalism & Mass Media
1995: Jennifer Georgette McNulty, Psychology
1996: Alexis A. Higgins, Psychology
1997: Grisel Senande, Political Science
1998: Kayon Williams, Psychology
1999: Megan Chance, Psychology
2000: Bethany Strong, Social Work
2001: Nicole Lieb, Communication
2002: Julie Lynn Ciemnolonski, Biology
2003: Mighty Fine, Urban Studies
2004: Alissa Strong, Communications
2005: Vicky Chen, Finance
2006: Brian Matthew Offin, Psychology
2007: Lauren Dudzak, History/Labor Studies

Lynne M. Kellermann Memorial (Honors Program) Award

Twenty-five Livingston College students were honored from 1987 to 2010 with the Lynne M. Kellermann Memorial Award, “presented annually to an outstanding senior in the four-year college honors program of Livingston College, Rutgers University,” as listed below.

There were two honorees each in 1991, 1992, and 1997. No honorees were listed for 1990 or 1994.

Kellermann held three degrees from Rutgers: a bachelor’s degree (University College-New Brunswick, 1975), and master’s and doctorate degrees from the Graduate School of Education (1978 and 1985).

From the 2007 Livingston College Commencement Convocation program: Lynne M. Kellermann began her career at Livingston College as a secretary and earned her B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in English at Rutgers University while working in various capacities. She taught in the writing program at Livingston and eventually became director of the college’s Honors program, a position she held until her untimely death in 1986. Lynne was intensely interested in students and had a wonderful sense of humor; everywhere she went on campus, students followed. This award is presented to the Honors Program senior who best exemplifies her warmth, indomitable spirit, and exceptional dedication to the program. 

The years in the list below link to the Livingston College yearbook page where each student is pictured. / * Photo not available.

1987: Liza M. Kirschenbaum
1988: Naila W. Mahmood *
1989: Maritza D. Berdote *
1991: Nilofer Ahmed Khalak
1991: Julie Ann Traxler
1992: John J. Kottler
1992: Jill C. Morrison
1993: Tanya M. Manning *
1995: Lisa Renee Brockenbrough *

1996: Gary P. Katz *

1997: Connie Angela Liauw
1997: Ian Ross Fried
1998: David G. Gribben
1999: Beth Anne Williams
2000: Gregory Joseph Michael Godfrey 
2001: Cheryll Ann Abuedo
2002: Rhonda A. Elhosseiny

2003: Jaclyn A. Barnes

2004: Valentine Ortiz-Meyer
2005: Caroline Grace Livingston
2006: Jenna Sabatini
2007: Charla Bullock
2008: Ata A. Akiner *
2009: Ha Kyung Kim *
2010: Joshua E. Slavin *

Liza M. Kirschenbaum,
Nilofer Ahmed
Khalak, LC’91
Julie Ann Traxler,
John J. Kottler,
Jill C. Morrison,
Liza M. Kirschenbaum Nilofer Ahmed Khalak Julie Ann Traxler John J. Kottler Jill C. Morrison
Connie Angela Liauw,
Ian Ross Fried,
David G. Gribben,
Beth Anne
Williams, LC’99
Gregory J.M.
Godfrey, LC’00
Connie Angela Liauw Ian Ross Fried David G. Gribben Beth Anne Williams Gregory Joseph Michael Godfrey
Cheryll Ann Abuedo,
Rhonda A. Elhosseiny,
Jaclyn A. Barnes
Ortiz-Meyer, LC’04
Caroline Grace
Livingston, LC’05
Cheryll Ann Abuedo Rhonda A. Elhosseiny Jaclyn A. Barnes Valentine Ortiz-Meyer Caroline Grace Livingston
Jenna Sabatini,
Charla Bullock,
Jenna Sabatini  Charla Bullock

Awards to Livingston College Students

On the following pages, we chronicle some of the awards presented to students by the Livingston College administration and the Livingston College Parents Association. These include:

On the following pages, we chronicle some of the awards presented to students by the Livingston College administration and the Livingston College Parents Association. These include:

  • Academic Achievement Award
  • Contributions and Service Award (Dean’s Award)
  • Kellermann (Honors Program) Award
  • Parents Association Award

Originally posted August 6, 2016
Revised August 12, 2018

Academic Achievement Award

From 1986 to 2008 the Livingston College administration recognized students “for outstanding academic achievement by a graduating student of Livingston College – Rutgers University.” In 2009 and 2010 the Livingston College Dean’s Award honored the graduating student with the highest grade-point average of any student who had attended Livingston College for his or her complete four years.

The years in the list below link to the Livingston College yearbook page where each student is pictured.

1986: Migdalia Baerga
1986: Patrick J. Deneen *
1987: Victoria Chapman
1987: Liza M. Kirschenbaum
1988: Frank T. Skwar *
1989: Raymond N. Gonzales *
1990: Belinda C. Borrelli *
1991: Bianca G. Nebab
1992: Christos A. Christou *
1993: Allison Paige Marks *
1994: Garrett T. Caples *

1995: Irena N. Rakoczy *
1996: Michael Carlin Hora
1997: Silvia Oloveira Andrade
1998: David G. Gribben
1999: Matthew Lawrence Bell
2000: Richard A. Ferrara
2001: Joseph Paul Mersinger
2002: Julie Lynn Ciemnolonski
2003: Jaclyn A. Barnes
2003: Sarah M. Lilley *
2004: Stacy E. Blackwell †

2004: Christopher Giglio
2005: Nicole M. Lewis
2006: Jenna Sabatini
2007: Annie Agrawal
2007: Emily Perry † *
2007: Laura Louise Wootton †
2008: Christianne M. Cain *
2008: Dunxu Hu † *
2009: Michael D. Offin ^ *
2010: Kumaol Mengesha ^ *

† Outstanding Transfer Student, Academic Achievement Award / ^ Livingston College Dean’s Award / * Photo not available

Migdalia Baerga,
Victoria Chapman,
Liza M.
Kirschenbaum, LC’87
Bianca G. Nebab,
Michael Carlin Hora,
Migdalia Baerga Victoria Chapman Liza M. Kirschenbaum Bianca G. Nebab Michael Carlin Hora
Silvia Oloveira
Andrade, LC’97
David G. Gribben,
Matthew Lawrence
Bell, LC’99
Richard A. Ferrara,
Joseph Paul
Mersinger, LC’01
Silvia Oloveira Andrade David G. Gribben Matthew Lawrence Bell Richard A. Ferrara Joseph Paul Mersinger
Julie Lynn
Ciemnolonski, LC’02
Jaclyn A. Barnes,
Stacy E. Blackwell,
Christopher Giglio,
Nicole M. Lewis,
Julie Lynn Ciemnolonski Jaclyn A. Barnes Stacy E. Blackwell Christopher Giglio Nicole M. Lewis
Jenna Sabatini,
Annie Agrawal,
Laura Louise Wootton,
Jenna Sabatini Annie Agrawal Laura Louise Wootton

Contributions and Service Award (Dean’s Award)