Recording Livingston College’s Oral History

The Livingston Alumni Association (LAA) has partnered with the Rutgers Oral History Archives (ROHA) to record the narratives of alumni and others associated with the history of Livingston College. ROHA staff have recorded and transcribed interviews with the people listed below, chronicling their lives including their Livingston College experiences.

Note that interviews may have been conducted over multiple sessions, in which case there will be a transcript for each session.

The interviewees’ contributions to the Alumni Memories section of the LAA website are also listed below.


  • Rosemary Agrista, LC’76
  • Ndidi Amutah-Onukagha, LC’03 / (Livingston College Distinguished Alumna)
  • Joseph Birish, LC’75 / Music, Risk, Three-Eyed Frogs and Other Experiments: Life in Livingston College’s House 15, Circa 1972-1975
  • Saskia Leo Cipriani, LC ’04
  • Nicholas Ferroni, LC ’02 / (Livingston College Distinguished Alumnus)
  • Patricia Graham, LC’72 (two sessions) Joyful Memories of Livingston College from a 1972 Alumna
  • Harry R. Knabe, LC’93
  • Sue Kozel, LC ’81, GSNB ’85
  • Eric Schwarz, LC’92, SCILS’07 (two sessions) /  Livingston College’s Challenges at Age 21  
  • Marty Siederer, LC’77
  • James Simon, LC’74
  • Robert W. Snyder, LC’77 (three sessions) / Long Live Livingston / (Livingston College Distinguished Alumnus)
  • Mercedes Valle, LC ’73
  • Steven Walker, LC’86 / Towering Memories: Livingston College Students Move In to Dorms on North Side of Campus
  • Steven Zurier, LC’76


  • Jerome Aumente, inaugural Director of Livingston College’s Department of Journalism and Urban Communications / (2011 Livingston Legacy recipient)
  • Michael R. Greenberg (two sessions)
  • Allen M. Howard, a professor of African history at Livingston College (two sessions)
  • Arnold Hyndman, Dean of Livingston College (two sessions)
  • Peter Klein, Livingston College philosophy professor (four sessions)
  • George Levine, inaugural Chairman of the English Department at Livingston College (three sessions)
  • Peter Lindenfeld, Physics Faculty
  • Gerald Pomper, inaugural Chairman of the Political Science Department at Livingston College (two sessions) / (2011 Livingston Legacy recipient)

This project is made possible through financial support received from the Rutgers University Alumni Association.