Livingston Legacy Lectures

Those of us who were members of the Livingston College family, whether as a student, faculty or staff member, or friend, know of the vital and eternal legacy Livingston has to this day on the overall programs of Rutgers University and on a global scale. 

Livingston graduates and staff play key roles in the national and international communities, and Livingston’s programs and unique attributes live on in a variety of Rutgers University programs. 

To celebrate Livingston’s contributions to the overall Rutgers and global communities, the Livingston Alumni Association has hosted two Livingston Legacy Lecture programs:  

  • Livingston College History Panel (2009).
  • Journalism Panel (2010).

With the 50th anniversary of Livingston College in 2019, the LAA started to plan more historical programs. The silver lining of COVID has been that we have presented and recorded these as online programs. They have included:

  • Covering New York City, with WCBS radio reporter Marla Diamond, LC ’92, and Rutgers School of Communication and Information Professor Steven Miller, RC ’79.
  • Livi at 50: Formation of the Latino Studies program and the Livingston Panthers sports teams.

Would you like to help us plan one of these programs or have an idea for a program?  Please contact us at info@.