Loyal Sons and Loyal Daughters

The Loyal Sons and Loyal Daughters of Rutgers, honored by the Rutgers Alumni Association (RAA), are individuals who have made a meaningful and long-standing commitment to the betterment of Rutgers University by exemplifying extraordinary alumni service or by making a significant impact on University life and culture.

Nominations are made by existing Loyal Sons and Daughters, and the finalists named by a special selection committee. Founded in 1831, the RAA is the nation’s fourth-oldest alumni association, serving 200,000 alumni at Rutgers’ New Brunswick/Piscataway campus. 

The following Livingston College alumni have been named as Loyal Sons and Loyal Daughters:

  • Year unknown: William R. Fernekes, LC’74, GSED’85
  • Year unknown: Margaret S. Cox, LC’87, RBSG’00
  • Year unknown: Patrick Morris, LC’82
  • 2000: Brian Crockett, LC’82
  • 2009: Marty Siederer, LC’77
  • 2012: Iris Martinez-Campbell, LC’75, SSW’81
  • 2013: Michael Beachem, LC’73, GSED’78,’84
  • 2014: Jason E. Goldstein, LC’02, RBS’05
  • 2015: Debra A. Holston O’Neal, LC’87
  • 2016:  Greg Brown, LC’82
  • 2017: Eric Clark, LC’98
  • 2018: Jeffrey M. Armus, LC’77, School of Business’82

Photo: Livingston College alumni celebrate the induction of Michael T. Beachem (rear center) as a Rutgers Loyal Son on April 13, 2013. Front (l-r): Michele Ostrowski, Rosemary Agrista, Iris Martinez-Campbell and Langston Campbell, Jr. Rear (l-r): Marty Siederer, Eric Schwarz, Michael Beachem and Jason Goldstein.