Riki Jacobs Livingston Pride Award

Riki E. JacobsThe Riki Jacobs Livingston Pride Award is given annually by the Livingston Alumni Association (LAA) to the Rutgers-New Brunswick graduating senior who most embodies the spirit of Livingston College and its attributes of leadership and social action.

All Rutgers University-New Brunswick undergraduate seniors with a minimum cumulative GPA of are eligible to apply for the award.

Riki E. Jacobs (1957-2009, pictured at right) was the director of the Hyacinth Foundation, an AIDS support organization, among many roles she fulfilled to assist vulnerable populations.

Jacobs (LC’80) also was one of LAA’s first Livingston College Distinguished Alumni, honored in 2000.

Recipients of the Livingston Pride Award (renamed for Riki Jacobs in 2010)

Honorees from 1990 through 2010 graduated from Livingston College. Since 2011, honorees may be graduates of any undergraduate college at Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway.

The years in the list below link to the Livingston College yearbook page where each student is pictured. / * Photo not available.

The names link to more information about each awardee, as available.

1990: Yantra E. Zavala *
1991: Stephanie Heitman
1992: Daniel Malloie
1993: Harry R. Knabe
1994: Janel C. Patti
1995: Ayana D. Gee
1996: Caren A. Tinney
1997: Connie Liauw
1998: Ashwini Reddy
1999: Irene Shenouda
2000: Geraldine Burgos
2001: Randall Gordon Stamm
2002: Michael Lawrence Dimond
2003: Kazim A. Rizvi
2004: Gregory Ordun
2005: Lisa M. Lattanzi
2006: Keith A. Gottesman
2007: Zuleima Feliciano *
2008: Jacqui Whitfield *
2009: Rob Drucker *
2010: Victoria Rowland *
2011: Matthew Cortland
2012: Amy Tran
2013: Melanie Davila
2014: Emilie Transue
2015: Amy Albert
2016: Victor A. Mensah
2017: Maria Alba
2018: Lucy Anne Blevins

2019: Eshan Kaul
2021: Janelle L. Taliaferro
2021: Amanda Wells
2022: Tara Krishna
2022: Anthony Rivera-Rosario

Stephanie Heitman, LC’91 Daniel Malloie, LC’92 Harry R. Knabe, LC’93 Janel C. Patti, LC’94 Ayana D. Gee, LC’95
Stephanie Heitman Daniel Malloie Harry R. Knabe Janel C. Patti Ayana D. Gee
Caren A. Tinney, LC’96 Connie Liauw, LC’97 Ashwini Reddy, LC’98 Irene Shenouda, LC’99 Geraldine Burgos, LC’00
Caren A. Tinney Connie Liauw Ashwini Reddy Irene Shenouda Geraldine Burgos
Randall Gordon Stamm, LC’01 Michael Lawrence Dimond, LC’02 Kazim A. Rizvi, LC’03 Gregory Ordun, LC’04 Lisa M. Lattanzi, LC’05
Randall Gordon Stamm Michael Lawrence Dimond Kazim A. Rizvi Gregory Ordun Lisa M. Lattanzi
Keith A. Gottesman, LC’06 Matthew Cortland, SAS’11 Amy Tran, SAS’12 Melanie Davila, SAS’13 Emilie Transue, SAS’14
Keith A. Gottesman Matthew Cortland Amy Tran Melanie Davila Emilie Transue
Amy Albert, SAS’15 Victor A. Mensah, SAS’16 Maria Alba, SAS’17 Lucy Anne Blevins, SAS’18 Eshan Kaul, SEBS’19
Amy Albert Victor A. Mensah Maria Alba Lucy Anne Blevins Eshan Kaul
Janelle L. Taliaferro, RBS’21
Amanda Wells, SAS’21 Tara Krishna, SAS’22

Anthony Rivera-Rosario, SAS’22
Janelle L. Taliaferro Amanda Wells Tara Krishna Anthony Rivera-Rosario