Special Awards to Alumni

Rutgers University-related organizations have presented multiple special awards honoring Livingston College alumni for their service to alumni and the greater Rutgers community. These include:

  • 2006 Rutgers University Alumni Federation, William of Orange Award for Dedicated Volunteerism: Eric Clark, LC’98, The Rutgers Club of Chicago
  • 2012 Rutgers Committee to Advance Our Common Purposes, Human Dignity Award: Leroy C. Haines, LC’71
  • 2013 Center for Latino Arts and Culture Honoree: Iris Martinez-Campbell, LC’75, SSW’81
  • 2013 Rutgers Alumni Association, Class of 1931 Award: Jason Goldstein, LC’02, RBS’05
  • 2013 Rutgers University Alumni Association, Block R Award: Eric Schwarz, LC’92, SCILS’92, ’07
  • 2016 Rutgers University Alumni Association, Young Alumni Service Award: Matthew Aquino, LC’08, RBS’08
  • 2017 Edward J. Bloustein School, Career Achievement Award: Staci Berger, LC’94, EJB/GSNB’04
  • 2020 Rutgers Alumni Association, Walter Seward, RC 1917, Spirit Award:  Derek Young, RC ’87 (longtime executive board member of the Livingston Alumni Association; posthumous award)
  • 2022 Rutgers Alumni Association, Class of 1931 Award: John Hester, LC ’94
  • 2023 School of Communication & Information Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award: Vivian Salama, LC’00, SCILS (SC&I) ’00
  • 2023 Rutgers Alumni Association, Walter Seward, RC 1917, Spirit Award: Marty Siederer, LC ’77

Eric Clark
Leroy C. Haines
Iris Martinez-Campbell
LC’75, SSW’81 
Jason Goldstein
LC’02, RBS’05
Eric Clark Leroy C. Haines Iris Martinez-Campbell  Jason Goldstein

Eric Schwarz
LC’92, SCILS’92,’07
Matthew Aquino
LC’08, RBS’08
Staci Berger
LC’94, EJB/GSNB’04
Derek Young
RC ’87
Eric Schwarz Matthew Aquino Staci Berger Derek Young
Vivian Salama
LC’00, SCILS’00
Marty Siederer
LC ’77
Vivian Salama Marty Siederer