Reunion (Alumni Weekend)


Last updated on July 31, 2022

  • In 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Homecoming and Alumni Weekend were combined in several online events held Oct. 16-17. Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway spoke with Rutgers alumni online on Oct. 14.

From 2015-2019 Alumni Weekend was held in conjunction with Rutgers Day:

  • The 2019 Alumni Weekend was April 26-27.
  • The 2018 Alumni Weekend was April 27-28.
  • The 2017 Alumni Weekend was held April 28-29.
  • The 2016 Alumni Weekend was held April 29-30.
  • The 2015 Alumni Weekend was held April 24-25.
  • Joe Capo, Debra O'Neal and Jason Goldstein. Rutgers University Alumni Weekend (Reunion) 2014. Livingston CollegeThe 2014 Alumni Weekend, held May 15-18, included the annual meeting of the Livingston Alumni Association (LAA) and a tour of the Livingston campus. Pictured: LAA board members Joe Capo, Debra O’Neal and Jason Goldstein at the All-Alumni Parade, May 17, 2014. More photos.
  • Reunion 2013, held May 16-19, featured the return of the Knights on Broadway cabaret act and LAA’s annual meeting, as well as a campus tour and an interactive Jeopardy game.
  • The 2012 Reunion, held May 11-13, included the Livingston Theater Company’s Knights On Broadway cabaret and dessert program, a tour of the Livingston campus and the LAA’s annual meeting.
  • The 2011 Reunion, held May 13-15, included the Livingston College Distinguished Alumni Awards dinner.

Larry Friends and Family. Rutgers University Reunion/Alumni Weekend 2010. Livingston CollegeReunion 2010, held May 14-16, featured exciting events, including socials, family events and class dinners, and a special Livingston-only cocktail reception with a reunion performance by Larry Friends and Family, a light-rock band which consists of members of Livingston’s graduating class of 1972.

According to Rosemary Eads, a band member who was a dorm advisor in House 19, “Some of the band members were also Livingston students, and we often played in the commuter lounge, not to mention many nights in the hallways of House 19. The band broke up after a few years, but recently reunited after a 30-year hiatus.

“We play light rock with great harmonies, and we’re actually still pretty good! We recently performed at the Strand Theater in Lakewood, opening for the Strawbs, in addition to a variety of coffeehouses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.”

An archived version of the band’s MySpace page lists 10 songs from the group’s album Cycles.

Photo credit: Dave Hutchison. More photos.

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