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2019-20 Executive Board and Council

2019-2020 term (July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020)


  • President: Jeffrey Armus
  • Vice Presidents: Rosemary Agrista, Stephen Yanick, Derek Young*
  • Secretary: Iris Martinez-Campbell

LAA Executive Council: Rosemary Agrista, Carla Alexander-Reilly, Jeffrey Armus, Joseph Capo, Jason Goldstein, Iris Martinez-Campbell, Eric Schwarz, Stephen Yanick, Derek Young*.

(*Derek Young passed away on March 22, 2020.)

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2007-08 Executive Board and Council

2007-2008 term (July 1, 2007, through June 30, 2008)

Executive Council Officers

  • President – Marty Siederer LC’73
  • 1st Vice President – Jason Goldstein LC’02, RBS’05
  • 2nd Vice President – Karen Kanu LC’99
  • Treasurer – Jeff Isaacs LC’84
  • Secretary – Harsh Dutia LC’03

  • Federation Rep. 2006-09 – William Bauer LC’86, GSNB’89
  • Federation Rep. 2007-10 – Iris Martinez-Campbell LC’75, SSW’81
  • Alternate Fed. Rep. – Jason Goldstein LC’02, RBS’05


  • Budget and Finance – Jeff Isaacs LC’84
  • Elections and Nominations – Michael Beachem LC’73, GSE’78, ’84
  • Membership – Yash Dalal LC’92
  • Reunion and Class – Carla Alexander LC’96, GSNB’95, SSW’02
  • Programming and Events – William Bauer LC’86, GSNB’89
  • Public Relations – Jason Goldstein LC’02, RBS’05 
  • Young Alumni – Tiffany Ross LC’03

Additional Executive Council Members

Lynn Astorga LC’99
Rob Bertrand LC’01
Joseph Capo LC’76
Martin Dickerson LC’83
Walter O’Brien LC’05
Robert Uhrik LC’78
Philip Wang LC’03
Kaz Wright LC’92

  • Staff Liaison – Michael Rutkowski UCNB’96, SCILS’96

Sourced from Livingston Alumni News, Winter/Spring 2008

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2009-10 Executive Board and Council

LAA Board Members and Guests, at Rutgers Reunion, May 15, 20102009-2010 term (July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010)


  • Marty Siederer, President
  • Jason Goldstein, 1st Vice President
  • Rob Bertrand, 2nd Vice President
  • Jeff Isaacs, Treasurer
  • Eric Schwarz, Secretary

Committee Chairs

  • Budget and Finance: Jeff Isaacs
  • Election and Nominations: Mike Beachem
  • Membership: Joe Capo
  • Programming and Events: Maxine Robinson and Kaz Wright
  • Public Relations: Jason Goldstein
  • Reunion and Class: Bill Bauer
  • Young Alumni: Bob Cavezza

Livingston Alumni Association (LAA) Executive Council

Carla Alexander, Rosemary Agrista, Jeffrey Armus, Bill Bauer, Michael Beachem, Rob Bertrand, Joseph Capo, Bob Cavezza, Yash Dalal, Martin Dickerson, Jason Goldstein, Jeff Isaacs, Karen Kanu, Iris Martinez-Campbell, Mike Middleton, Michele Ostrowski, Maxine Robinson, Eric Schwarz, Marty Siederer, and Kaz Wright.

Photo: LAA board members, Livingston College alumni and guests at the Rutgers-New Brunswick Reunion on May 15, 2010.

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