Dean’s Letter to Class of 1991: We Expect Great Things of You


Last updated on February 1, 2021

Walton R.

Walton R. Johnson, acting dean of Livingston College, wrote the following letter to the Class of 1991, included in the college yearbook, Diversity, Volume 1: Not Just a Generic College.


To the Graduating Class of 1991


Four years ago you came to Livingston College eager, excited and even a little fearful as you entered the unknown world of the University with the expectation that anything is possible. On your own for perhaps the first time, you had only an idea of the opportunities, adventures, and problems that would await you.

Now, just as the world of Livingston College has become a comfortable place and its challenges conquered, you are asked to begin again and enter the unknown world beyond the security of academic life. Your feelings, hopes, and fears are probably very much the same as they were when you came here four years ago. As you leave us and go out into the world, it is our hope that Livingston College has provided you with the strength and direction that you will need to think for yourselves, and to take advantage of the challenges, adventures, and opportunities to follow your dreams and make anything become possible.

You have worked hard and deserve our deep appreciation for your contributions to Livingston College. As you graduate, we expect great things of you, we congratulate you and wish you success and happiness in the future.


Revised May 1, 2016

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