Honorary Members of Livingston Alumni Association


Last updated on April 16, 2023


[See also the page on the Livingston Legacy Awards, established in 2009.]

The Livingston Alumni Association, and its predecessor, the Livingston College Association of Graduates, from 1981 to 1999 named the following 26 people as Honorary Members, to recognize their contributions to Livingston College:

1981: Ernest A. Lynton *
1982: W. Carey McWilliams *
1983: Gloria Rojas
1984: Wells Keddie *
1985: Charley Flint
1985: Albert E. Blumberg *
1987: John C. Leggett

1990: W. Robert Jenkins *
1991: Walton R. Johnson
1994: Edward G. Ortiz *
1995: P. Dennis Bathory
1995: Lora (Dee) Garrison *
1996: Shanti S. Tangri
1996: Melvin Gary *

1996: Allen Howard
1997: Roger Cohen *
1997: Martin Gliserman
1997: Gerald Pomper
1997: Emma Warren
1998: Abena P.A. Busia
1998: Ernest F. Dunn
1998: Mary B. Gibson
1998: Horst Dieter Steklis
1999: Briavel Holcomb
1999: Arnold G. Hyndman
1999: George L. Levine  

(* Deceased)

Ernest A. Lynton (1981) W. Carey
McWilliams (1982)
Gloria Rojas (1983) Wells Keddie (1984)
Ernest A. Lynton W.  Carey McWilliams  Gloria Rojas Wells Keddie
Livingston College Dean Professor, Political Science  Television Journalist Professor, Labor Studies and Employment Relations

Charley Flint (1985) Albert E. Blumberg (1985) John C. Leggett (1987) W. Robert Jenkins (1990)
Charley Flint Albert E. Blumberg  John C. Leggett W. Robert Jenkins
Professor, Sociology Professor, Philosophy  Professor, Sociology Livingston College Dean

Walton R. Johnson (1991) Edward G. Ortiz (1994) P. Dennis Bathory (1995) Lora (Dee) Garrison (1995)
Walton R. Johnson Edward G. Ortiz  P. Dennis Bathory Lora (Dee) Garrison
Livingston College Dean Professor, Urban Studies and Community Health Professor, Political Science Professor, History and Women’s Studies 

Shanti S. Tangri (1996)  Melvin Gary (1996) Allen Howard (1996) Roger Cohen (1997)
Shanti S. Tangri Melvin Gary Allen Howard Roger Cohen
Professor, Economics and South Asian Studies Professor, Psychology Professor, History  Professor, Journalism and Media Studies

Martin Gliserman (1997) Gerald Pomper (1997) Emma Warren (1997) Abena P.A. Busia (1998)
Martin Gliserman Gerald Pomper Emma Warren Abena P. A. Busia
Professor, English Professor, Political Science  Director, Kilmer Library  Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, and English

Ernest F. Dunn (1998) Mary B. Gibson (1998) Horst Dieter Steklis (1998)
Ernest F. Dunn Mary B. Gibson  Horst Dieter Steklis
Professor, Africana Studies  Professor, Philosophy Professor, Psychology 

 Briavel Holcomb (1999) Arnold G. Hyndman (1999) George L. Levine (1999)
Briavel Holcomb Arnold G. Hyndman  George L. Levine
Professor, Planning and Public Policy  Livingston College Dean Professor, English 

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