Contributions and Service Award (Dean’s Award)


Last updated on March 22, 2021

From 1986 to 2008 the Livingston College administration honored students “for outstanding contributions and service to Livingston College-Rutgers University.” This recognition was also called the Dean’s Award and the Special Service Award. (In 2009 and 2010 the Dean’s Award was recharacterized to focus on academic achievement.)

The years in the list below link to the Livingston College yearbook page where each student is pictured. / * Photo not available.

1986: William S. Bauer, Jr.

1986: Risa P. Phillips *

1987: Michelle D. Perry

1988: Christopher B. Wilkinson *

1989: Mark B. Wilson *

1990: Anike A. Ajagunna *

1990: Brian P. Pollack *

1991: Nilofer Ahmed Khalak

1991: Julie Ann Traxler
1992: Yash V. Dalal

1993: Erik Robert Olbeter

1994: Thomas Patrick Floersch

1994: Kristi-Victoria Petrides

1995: Brandon Allen Atkinson

1995: Kristine Lisa Villano

1996: Karen L. Miller
1997: Ian Ross Fried

1998: Tamika Monique Young

1999: Beth Anne Williams

2000: Yamalis Diaz
2001: Francisca A. Abanyie

2002: Jason E. Goldstein

2003: Kathleen Meghan Perry

2004: Robert Pawle

2005: Michael Frederic Batlogg *

2006: Dianela (Anny) Fernandez

2007: Ben A. Salazar

2008: Anthony Patrick Noto *


William S. Bauer, Jr., 
Michelle D. Perry,
Nilofer Ahmed
Khalak, LC’91
Julie Ann Traxler,
William S. Bauer, Jr. Michelle D. Perry Nilofer Ahmed Khalak Julie Ann Traxler

Yash V. Dalal,
Erik Robert Olbeter,
Thomas Patrick
Petrides, LC
Yash V. Dalal Erik Robert Olbeter  Thomas Patrick Floersch Kristi-Victoria Petrides

Brandon Allen
Atkinson, LC’95
Kristine Lisa
Villano, LC’95
Karen L. Miller,
Ian Ross Fried,
Brandon Allen Atkinson Kristine Lisa Villano Karen L. Miller  Ian Ross Fried

Tamika Monique
Young, LC’98
Beth Anne
Williams, LC’99
Yamalis Diaz,
Francisca A.
Abanyie, LC’01
Tamika Monique Young Beth Anne Williams Yamalis Diaz  Francisca A. Abanyie

Jason E. Goldstein,
LC’02, RBS’05
Kathleen Meghan
Perry, LC’03
Robert Pawle,
 Jason E. Goldstein Kathleen Meghan Perry Robert Pawle

Dianela (Anny)
Fernandez, LC’06
Ben A. Salazar,
Dianela (Anny) Fernandez Ben A. Salazar



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