Livingston Legacy Award


Last updated on March 26, 2023

[See also the page listing Honorary Members of the Livingston Alumni Association, who were named between 1981 and 1999.]

The Livingston Legacy Award was established in 2009. The award recognizes faculty and staff who played a key role in the establishment and growth of Livingston College and its mission, and who have contributed to the overall Rutgers and global communities.

2009 Honorees

Maria CaninoEdward G. OrtizGordon Schochet

MARIA CANINO: Founder and retired chair of the Rutgers Department of Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caribbean Studies.

EDWARD G. ORTIZ (1931-2010): Retired associate professor and chair of the Rutgers Department of Urban Studies and Community Health. Memorial and obituary.

GORDON SCHOCHET: Professor emeritus of political science and the last member of the Livingston planning group who was still on the active teaching faculty.

2011 Honorees

Jerome AumenteLeroy HainesGerald PomperLarry Ridley

JEROME AUMENTE (1937-2023): Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Rutgers School of Communication and Information; Founding Director. Emeritus, Journalism Resource Institute, Rutgers University; and former Chair, Department of Journalism & Urban Communications program at Livingston College. Aumente on the Livingston College journalism legacy. Remembrance of Aumente.

LEROY HAINES (LC’71): Assistant Dean and Director of Residence Life at Rutgers’ Livingston Campus. Haines honored at 2012 Rutgers Human Dignity Awards.

GERALD POMPER: Board of Governors Professor of Political Science at the Eagleton Institute of Politics of Rutgers University (Emeritus). and former Chair, Livingston College Political Science Department.

LARRY RIDLEY: Chairman, Music Department, Livingston College 1972-1980, and one of the architects of the college’s renowned jazz program.

2013-2018 Honorees

Roger CohenWilson Carey McWilliams Michael GreenbergWells Hamilton Keddie
2013 Honoree2015 Honoree2018 Honoree2018 Honoree

ROGER COHEN (RC’65) (1943-2022): A professor emeritus of Rutgers’ School of Communication and Information (SC&I); originally taught in Livingston College’s Department of Journalism and Urban Communication.

WILSON CAREY McWILLIAMS (1933-2005): A distinguished political science professor at Livingston College and Rutgers University, and a prolific author. Read tributes from his protégé, Patrick Deneen, and his daughter, Susan McWilliams, and a remembrance from his student, Leonard Klepner

MICHAEL GREENBERG: Professor of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Public Policy at Rutgers University-New Brunswick

WELLS HAMILTON KEDDIE (1925-2006): Professor of Labor Studies and Employment Relations at Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

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