In Memoriam


Last updated on April 12, 2023

We remember some of the many notable administrators, faculty members, staff members, and alumni who made a difference at Livingston College and in the Livingston alumni community. Brief notes and links to profiles with additional available information are included.

Jerome Aumente Albert E. Blumberg Roger Cohen Lora (Dee) Garrison Melvin L. Gary
Albert E. Blumberg Albert E. Blumberg Roger CohenLora (Dee) GarrisonMelvin L. Gary

Administrators, Faculty, and Staff:

Hilda HidalgoRichard F. HixsonW. Robert JenkinsWells Hamilton KeddieErnest A. Lynton
Hilda HidalgoRichard HixsonW. Robert JenkinsWells KeddieErnest A. Lynton

Patrick McCrearyW. Carey McWilliamsEmmanuel G. MestheneEdward G. Ortiz Henry A. Plotkin
Patrick McCrearyWilson Carey McWilliamsEmmanuel George MestheneEdward G. OrtizHenry A. Plotkin (Hank Plotkin)

Seth Scheiner
David C. Schwartz
Winston E. Thompson
Paula Van Riper
Seth Scheiner David C. SchwartzWinston Edna ThompsonPaula Van Riper


(Seven of the 37 Rutgers graduates who died in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks had earned Livingston College degrees. Read about all 37 of the graduates on Barbara Preston’s website.)

Kevin A.B. Appuzio William S. Bauer Jr. Frank Carvill Thomas F. Daley Michael A. Davidson
Kevin ApuzzioWilliam S. Bauer Jr.Frank Carvill Thomas F. DaleyMichael A. Davidson

Jayceryll M. de Chavez Seth Jeremy Dvorin Colleen L. Fraser Riki E. Jacobs Patrick Konan Kouassi
Jayceryll M. de ChavezSeth Jeremy DvorinColleen FraserRiki E. JacobsPatrick Konan Kouassi

Brendan Mark LangChristina Yuna LeeJames A. MartelloJon A. Perconti Jr.Gary Scott Pfeffer
Brendan Mark LangBrendan Mark LangJames A. MartelloJon A. Perconti Jr. Gary Scott Pfeffer

Scott M. SchertzerPaul TaubDerek Lamont Young
Scott M. Schertzer Paul Taub Derek Lamont Young

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